Thursday 10 May 2012

Exercise Technique Series - The Sandbag Clean

This is the first in a series of posts aimed at teaching and improving your technique in a variety of the key exercises that we use at Sandbag Fitness.

The Sandbag Clean

The Sandbag Clean (and it’s derivatives - the Sandbag Power Clean and the Sandbag Hang Clean) is one half of the Olympic Lift, the Clean and Jerk. It is also the standard technique for getting your sandbag, or any other weight, from the ground to chest height.


  • Start as you would for a Sandbag Deadlift, with your feet slightly under the bag 
  • Set yourself ready 
  • Lift the bag from the ground and, as it gathers some momentum, explosively pull the bag upwards 
  • Try to use the power generated through your hips to do most of the work 
  • As the sandbag travels upwards prepare yourself to catch 
  • Do not throw the bag upwards, keep hold of it, it should become almost weightless 
  • Catch the bag with a Zercher grip or at either end of the sandbag 
  • Descend into a Squat 
  • Return back to standing as though coming out of a Sandbag Front Squat 
  • Return the bag to the ground in a fluid movement 


  • A Sandbag Power Clean is the same except you do not squat as part of the lift 
  • A Sandbag Hang Clean is the same except the sandbag is pulled from mid thigh instead of from the ground

All images and text taken from The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training (available on Kindle and All Other Formats)

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    That's a nice technique doing that exercise.

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