Saturday, 26 July 2014

Meet Our First Sandbag Challenge Winner! Could you do it?

Gabriel from Madrid, Spain recently completed the Sandbag Fitness Bronze Challenge and won 2 of my ebooks. Plus, the honour of being the first person on the Wall of Fame! Do you think you could match or beat his performance?

This challenge is to be completed with the following sandbag weight:

Males - 40% of your bodyweight.

Females - 25% of your bodyweight.

For example, a 200lb man would need to use a sandbag weighing 80lbs (200 divided by 100 x 40).

Sandbag Deadlift x 20 reps
Sandbag Back Squat x 20 reps
Shouldering x 20 reps
Sandbag High Pull x 15 reps
Overhead Press x 15 reps
Sandbag Floor Press x 15 reps
Sandbag Walking Lunge (sandbag at chest height) x 20 reps
Sandbag Shoulder Get Up x 5 reps each side

More info about our challenges here

Monday, 21 July 2014

Todays Workout - Fight the Power

Complete as many heavy Ground-to-Overhead sandbag lifts as you can within a 15 minute time period.

Record both the weight of your sandbag and the number of repetitions you perform.

Train hard!

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Top 25 Fitness Blogs 2014

I know that a lot of you guys who follow the blog on a regular basis appreciate the fact that I don't stand for:

a. General marketing BS and hype.
b. Half-assed attempts to influence others with big words and charts.
c. Anything that I don't believe is in the best interests of the general public.

I'm also often asked who else I recommend that people read up on when it comes to fitness. Hence this little competition that I've put together. This is squarely aimed at fitness-focused blogs, run by individuals, for the betterment of the readers. There is no prize, except for you guys who get to find some new killer fitness blogs to follow.

The competition is simple - I'd like your help in finding these people. Put your nomination in the Facebook comments field below, ideally also including a website address and tagging the Facebook individual or page in question.

The competition will close on Friday 8th August.