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Sandbag Fitness: Sandbag Training for MMA: "If you walk through the doors of any commercial gym in the country you’ll be met by row upon row of cardio equipment and resistance machiner..."

Sandbag Fitness: Warm Ups for Improved Mobility: "Here are some of the mobility warm up exercises I do before training. They will all help with flexibility, performance and avoiding injury. ..."

Sandbag Fitness: The Concept of Specificity in Fitness: "Back when I was originally studying for my Physical Education qualifications we were always told about the principle of specificity - essent..."

Sandbag Fitness: Counting the Cost of Health Changes: "Whilst walking back from a coaching appointment earlier today I reflected on how small changes really can make a big difference in the long ..."

Sandbag Fitness: Human Movement Patterns and Their Relationship to ...: "As a coach, one of the most common questions I get is: 'How do you make a programme?' People choose to follow certain regimes base..."

Sandbag Fitness: Why Do You Exercise?: "I do some consultation for the healthcare industry and I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a number of individuals and speak to ..."

Sandbag Fitness: Mastering Mastery: "One of the most common themes I encounter as a coach is an individuals inability to stick at a particular training programme. I call this ty..."

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