Monday, 19 November 2012

The Milo Experiment Rises From The Ashes!

A few months back I wrote about the Milo Experiment - my attempt to conduct a very simple, linear strength progression with my sandbag. The goal was to add a small amount of sand each workout and keep going until I couldn't add anymore. See the original post here

Well, with one thing and another, I got sidetracked and never did any update posts. One of our followers (Randy) pointed this out to me the other day (thanks Randy). The thing is, I did actually carry on with the experiment but I was just lazy in telling you guys about it.

Want to know what happened?

I ran out of space in my sandbag.

I was following the experiment with my Heavy Hitter and I got all the way up to max capacity - that's around 90kg or 200lbs. I now need to get myself a new sandbag - thanks a lot Milo Experiment. Sure, I'm much stronger than I ever have been before but I have to go out and spend money on another bag.

But seriously, if you want to massively increase your strength in a very simple, methodical way then you should try this. Get yourself a sandbag and go through the daily ground to overhead lift (or lifts). Add a small amount of weight each day and commit to it. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Train hard!


  1. Hey Matt,

    Congratulations!! 90 kg?? That's crazy!

    How much do you weight??

    I weight 90 kg, and one of my future's goals is to do a ground to overhead press with a 100 kg sandbag.

    I will definitely use the Milo strategy. But right now i'm coming back from an injury, and i have to get in shape for Rugby so i'm running lots of hills sprints. I'm also working on my technique on the deadlift from the floor (used to pull from blocks, but i have no blocks anymore...)

    When i master the deadlift and the Handstand Push Ups, i will definitely work on my 100 kg sandbag ground to overhead lift. I will tell you when i start the experiment, and when i get those 100 kg over my head!!

    You're a good example that consistency and hard work can make you reach any goal that you set. You provide a lot of inspiration Matt, keep working hard!!

  2. Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for the encouragement! I'm around 85kg at the moment so I'm fairly happy with the 90kg lifts. I can do around 24 overhead lifts with the 90kg sandbag at the moment but really do need to get myself a bigger bag!

    Best of luck with your recovery!