Friday, 27 August 2010

Get Started!

Don't waste your money on a high tech sandbag that costs £100 (insert appropriate currency here) - I predominantly use a sandbag that costs £1.50, apply some duck tape and I'm ready to go!

This, coupled with some imagination, creates the ability to develop some seriously high level conditioning. Plus, the sandbag is an odd, awkward object to lift. This helps to develop, dare I say it, some 'functional' fitness.

The idea behind Sandbag Fitness is that anyone, anywhere can improve their ability to move and be healthy. There are some great resources out there for garage-style fitness and we prefer to rub shoulders with them rather than the big-box commercial gyms "where dreams and goals go to die".

The Basics

Here is one of my 25kg bags:

An improvised box for performing box jumps and other agility movements:

This platform sits at around 20 inches but you can add more or less dependent on your current fitness level.

Train hard!

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