Monday, 14 April 2014

Product review - Icelandic Glacial Water

The nice folks at Icelandic Glacial Water recently sent me a whole case of their product to try out. While I don't often review things on the blog here at Sandbag Fitness, I make an exception for products that I like and I'm happy to recommend to you guys.

Firstly, this is really nice water. I mean really nice. If you're used to drinking regular tap water (which is what I normally have) then you'll notice a difference straight away. This tastes very clean and pure.

After checking out their site in a little more detail I read a number of other cool things about this stuff, including:

  • It comes from the 5000 year old Ã–lfus Spring in Iceland.
  • The area in which it comes from is protected and there are no buildings or farming within the 128,000 acre region. 
  • The water is bottled in a clean room environment, so it isn't exposed to the air until you take the cap off. 
  • It's a Carbon-Neutral product.
Besides, drinking water from Iceland makes me feel like a Viking...and that's no bad thing. 

If you see this in your local store then I can highly recommend trying it. You can find out more about the product by clicking here.