Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Todays Workout - Round by Round

5 Pull Ups, 10 Sandbag Push Press, 15 Sandbag Back Squats. 10 rounds as fast as possible.

Men aim for a 30kg sandbag; women aim for 15kg.

Record your time.

Train hard!

And some inspiration to get you through those last rounds:


  1. Matthew Palfrey13 March 2012 at 08:35

    11:54 with a 30kg Brute Force Sandbag

  2. Man, how is that possible? :) 36 min with a 34 kg Brute Force bag. And I thought I was in good shape from kettlebells-humiliating:)

  3. Matthew Palfrey19 March 2012 at 16:39

    Hi Tom, I train with sandbag ALOT so don't get disheartened. You've got a time on the board now and something to aim for next time! Matt

  4. Hi,
    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

    1. Hi David - what is your email address? Please contact me via matthewpalfrey @ gmail (dot) com

  5. josh t. australia27 March 2012 at 00:26

    Hey Matt, once again a smokin time. We have to get you away from push presses so I have a chance..
    21:37 with a 40 kg bag.
    I have to work some squat stuff because my legs are still a litttle wreked a few hours later.

    Have we done "10 tonnes of goodness" yet?? its my first hardcore workout and it has stayed with me for years

    very simple.

    3 exercises, SQUAT, PUSH PRESS (just for you), CHIN UPs.

    to finsih you must SQUAT a total of 10,000kg.

    PUSH PRESS 10,00kg

    CHIN UP 10,00kg. 

    It doesn't matter what rep set combination you choose

    CHIN UPS are done by your body weight. so a 100kg man would have to do 100. A 90kg man would do 111 and so on.

    record your time.

    It probably needs a few different weighted SBs

  6. Matthew Palfrey27 March 2012 at 16:15

    Well done on the heavier bag - I think that would have slowed me up a lot! I will give 10 tonnes of goodness a go but definitely not looking forward to that one! I'm guessing somewhere between 300-600 reps?!