Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Affiliate Programme is now LIVE!

For those of you who've enjoyed The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training, I'm now offering you the chance to make money by promoting it to your friends, family and followers.

And we've just had the eBook converted to Kindle and ePub formats - meaning that there are now more ways that ever for people to enjoy the guide. And for a limited time I'm giving 25% off the Kindle  and ePub versions with the code: sandbagkindle25

Or you can get the Kindle version direct from Amazon (no sale on that one though I'm afraid!).

I'm passionate about sandbag training and love seeing the sandbag training community grow. The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training is my way of getting the message out to more people. The affiliate programme is a simple sign up process, after which you'll be given a unique affiliate code that you can then use to start promoting the eBook. 

And the best news? You get 50% commission on each and every sale you make.

The affiliate programme is supported by a full range of Banner Ads like the ones below. You'll also get a Marketing Image Pack and a guide on how to best promote the product.

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