Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Todays Workout - Strongman

Another workout from The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training.

Sandbag Deadlift: 5X5
Sandbag Back Squat: 5X5 
Sandbag Push Jerk: 3X5 
Sandbag Shouldering: 3X10

Aim to work up to a max weight in each exercise.

Add your performance to the comments.

Train hard!

And here's ┼Żydr┼źnas Savickas showing why he's one of the best strongmen of all time:


  1. josh t. australia19 April 2012 at 12:48

    1# 5 x 40kg
    2# 5 x 60kg
    3# 5 x 80kg
    4# 5 x 90kg
    5# 3 x 100kg

    Back squat
    1# 5 x 40kg
    2# 5 x 60kg
    3# 5 x 80kg
    4# 4 x 90kg
    5# 3 x 90k

    Push Jerk
    1# 5 x 40kg
    2# 5 x 40kg
    3# 5 x 40kg

    1# 5 x 40kg
    2# 5 x 60kg
    3# 5 x 60kg

    Found that I was limitted by equipment not weight. Used a burly bag (no handles) for my 80kg + lifts and had to try and stack small SB s on top. Didnt work very well. Split my 80kg which was shit.

    With the back squat definately could squat more but couldn't get from the ground onto my shoulders.

    Same with the push jerk, I just couldnt get it racked to start the lift. Tried at 60kg a few times with no luck.

    On a positive the Fat Gripz made the deadlifts etc cooler. Do you know of anyone who is making a SB that will take 80kh+ that has handles???? I am thinkging of buying another brute force but filling it with steel shot. The shot is about $3 a kg but takes up very little space.

  2. Matthew Palfrey21 April 2012 at 08:22

    Hi Josh - have you seen the video of Mark at My Mad Methods deadlifting a Brute Force bag with 300lb in it?! Not sure it's recommended by the manufacturer but it's certainly possible: