Saturday, 2 February 2013

Please Vote For Your Favourite Sandbag Blog!

I'd really appreciate your help.

Please take a moment to go and vote for me in the Breaking Muscle 2013 Fitness Blog Contest - it'll only take 1 minute and I'll love you forever. For real.

You just need to click on the link below an then enter 'Sandbag Fitness' in the comments field at the bottom. You can also add the URL of the blog.

Look how happy you'll make me if you vote


  1. Matt dude, i just voted for you on breaking muscle.

    I think you deserve it, because of all the help and information you offer, as well as the support you give. Keep working hard!!

    Greetings from Spain,

  2. Thanks Gabri! Your support is much appreciated here too. How's your training going?