Friday 11 May 2012

Exercise Technique Series - The Sandbag Get Up

The Sandbag Get Up is another exercise that is traditionally done with either a kettlebell or a dumbbell. Using an unstable object like the sandbag makes for a much more challenging movement.


  • Take hold of the sandbag in either one hand or across one shoulder 
  • Powerfully roll out onto your elbow on the opposite side 
  • Keep a wide base with your legs when you do this 
  • Push up onto your opposite hand 
  • Get your legs under you - ideally in a lunge position 
  • Stand up fully 
  • Return to the ground and repeat 


  • Perform the movement with the sandbag across the shoulder or in your extended arm

All images and text taken from The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training (available on Kindle and All Other Formats)

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