Saturday, 12 May 2012

Exercise Technique Series - The Sandbag High Pull

The Sandbag High Pull is a progression exercise for the Sandbag Clean and also develops power in the posterior chain.


  • Stand over the sandbag, as if you are going to Deadlift or Clean it 
  • Take the weight 
  • Explode powerfully upwards - extending the hips fully and pulling the weight quickly up to chest/chin height 
  • Try to use the power generated through your hips to do most of the work 
  • The elbows should be high at the top of the movement 
  • Open the chest out at the top of the movement 
  • Return the sandbag to the floor and repeat 


  • Single-arm High Pulls

All images and text taken from The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training (available on Kindle and All Other Formats)

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