Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Todays Workout - Tabata Sandbags for Super-Conditioning!

Complete the following exercises in a Tabata interval style i.e. 20 seconds of work followed immediately with a 10 second rest period. Repeat for a total of 4 minutes (8 intervals). Take a 1 minute rest between each exercise.

Sandbag Power Cleans
Sandbag Front Squats
Sandbag Push Jerks
Sandbag High Pulls

Aim to complete an equal number of repetitions in each subsequent interval.

Men aim for a 30kg sandbag; women aim for 15kg.

To make timing easy, I'd recommend getting a Gymboss Interval Timer

Add your performance (total reps per exercise) to the comments.

Train hard!


  1. Matthew Palfrey8 May 2012 at 19:59

    I used a 40kg Brute Force Sandbag and got the following total scores:

    Sandbag Power Cleans - 63 reps
    Sandbag Front Squats - 61 reps
    Sandbag Push Jerks - 104 reps
    Sandbag High Pulls - 81 reps

  2. looks good, will have a go tonight 
    is a push jerk the same as a push press?

  3. Matthew Palfrey8 May 2012 at 22:03

    Hi Nick, yes the push jerk is similar to the push press but it involves a secondary dip under the weight as your arms go to full extension. If you struggle with tech on the jerk you can use a push press as well. Let me know how you get on! Matt