Thursday, 31 May 2012

Overcoming The Barriers To Exercise

Most people think that the Sandbag Fitness Blog is about sandbag training. Well, it sort of is and it sort of isn't.

You see, what it's really about is my attempt to make exercise (most notably resistance training) as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

I started the Sandbag Fitness Blog because I didn't have the money or the time to get to the gym. A bag of sand is both easy to find and inexpensive so it seemed like a great option. And if you can't get a bag of sand then you can get a bag of soil, or wood chippings or pea get the point. Between deciding to try sandbag training and having a 'fully equipped' sandbag training facility was a period of 2 days. I simply went out and purchased 100 kgs of sand and a roll of tape and I was good to go.

I fully understand that motivation also plays a huge part here. But when you start taking away some of the natural barriers that stop people exercising then I think you're increasing the chances of someone starting.

I know people that talk about starting a training programme. Lots of people. I know one guy who has been talking about it for nearly 10 years. A decade of procrastination.

I often talk about the benefits of sandbag training on the blog but I rarely talk about the reason behind this blog - and perhaps the greatest benefit of all.

Anyone can start today. Right now.

You need a bag of sand (or anything to start with) and the willingness to get going. Once you start to build momentum then you'll find it easier to keep going. And with momentum, consistency and hard work there is nothing you can't achieve.

Information Overload

Spending hours trawling through the web to find ways to exercise is just plain confusing.

Most people end up in a state of overwhelm and end up doing nothing as a result.

I try to avoid making any outlandish claims here on the blog. You'll find no promises of 'Hollywood Physiques' or single digit bodyfat percentages - although both are easily attainable. But I will make you one promise.

If you just get started then you'll achieve far more than the person that just thinks about it.

YOUR Barriers

It's easy to list a whole host of reasons why exercise is tough - no time, no money, no idea and on and on.

But what barriers have you overcome? Are you still struggling to overcome barriers?

What are your greatest challenges? And what are your greatest achievements?

I'd love to hear them.

Do Something Now

Try one of these workouts today:

Sandbag Fitness: Todays Workout: "Run 200m with a Sandbag, 10 Ground to Overhead with the Sandbag. Repeat for five rounds. Record your time. Train hard!"

Sandbag Fitness: Todays Workout: "100 Skips, 20 Sandbag Thrusters (35kg target). 5 rounds. Record your time. Train hard!"

Sandbag Fitness: Todays Workout: "5 Chin Ups, 10 Press Ups, 15 Sandbag Push Press, 20 Heavy Sandbag Back Squats. 5 Rounds. Record your time. Train hard!"

Train hard!



  1. Don't talk,just walk ;-)
    Great post and i agree with you in every point!
    Take care.

  2. Matthew Palfrey31 May 2012 at 20:36

    Thanks Sascha, I hope you're enjoying the blog. All the very best, Matt

  3. It's very easy to get sucked into "research" mode. There's so so much info. That's why I've always loved Nike's slogan. It's the most motivating three words I know.

  4. Matthew Palfrey1 June 2012 at 19:58

    It can be a really overwhelming experience for a lot of people that I speak to. Research certainly has its place so a lot of it also massively flawed.

    I'm also a big fan of just doing it.

  5. Great post Matt, very inspiring. I am loving the program, I really hated my sandbag when I first got it, but now I'm thinking about naming it! ;)

    Keep it up.

  6. Matthew Palfrey6 June 2012 at 08:44

    Hi Ryan - thanks for the feedback. And I can also appreciate the love-hate thing with the sandbag! Matt