Friday, 11 May 2012

Perfecting Your Pull Ups (and other bar exercises)

We do a lot of pull ups and bar callisthenics here at Sandbag Fitness, and for good reason. They develop an amazing strength to weight ratio, an iron grip and the ability to pull yourself over a bar (or wall/obstacle) is a great skill. While we tend to focus on the basics of Pull Ups, Leg Raises and other variations there are a huge number of progressions out there.

My friend, and fellow coach, Al Kavadlo has recently released Raising The Bar - the definitive guide to bar callisthenics. Raising The Bar takes a systematic approach to developing great skill and ability in a range of upper body and core focused exercises. One of the best features of this book is the progressive way in which Al takes you from the base level version of each exercise all the way up to super-advanced things like One Arm Pull Ups!

Here's Al doing some very advanced stuff:

Chapters include:

  • Pull Up or Shut Up
  • Oh Dip!
  • Hard Core Training
  • Enter The Muscle Up
  • Zen and The One Arm Pull Up

Ideal for anyone who wants to develop strength and agility, I can highly recommend it.

And there's an even better reason to pick up a copy - my next eBook release will contain some of the exercise variations in Raising The Bar so you need to get practicing!

Click on the book to find out more:

Raising the Bar The Definitive Guide to Bar Calisthenics

Train hard!

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