Saturday, 20 August 2011

Todays Workout - Win Big!

For anyone that can beat my time in todays workout I'll give you a free personalised 6 week program! Just film yourself doing the workout (with the required weights) and send me a link to the video. The first 5 winners will have a program written by yours truly.

The workout is:

5 Strict Pull Ups
10 Sandbag Thrusters
15 30" Box Jumps

5 rounds as fast as possible.

I managed 7:28. Men need a 40kg sandbag, women need a 25kg sandbag.

Train hard!

The judges decision (me) is final so make sure technique is sharp. Matt


  1. Nice work, Coach! Not even close for me: 19:00, with only a 78lb bag and an 18" step. 30" would have killed me. Your workout are tough!

  2. Hey Jon, well done for getting through it! This one was tough for me too.

  3. hey matt,

    i have had a crack at this as a practise run. I will need another venue to record it as the roof doesnt allow for the last 5cms of the thruster and I can only jump about 50cms.... thats working out in a basement for you.
    Used a 40kg bag and finished the 5 rounds in 4:55. The higher jumps will slow me down but I will give it a crack.

    Then I just have to figure out the whole posting a video thing.

    Keep a program warm for me

    josh t

    ps I have another workout for you.

    max level on the beep test.....wait for it. At each end you must drop and perform one sandbag burpee. Sandbag is 20kg. Result is the last level completed under the beep.

  4. That's an awesome time Josh but a shame about the height of your ceiling! Any hosted video - Youtube, Vimeo etc will be fine

    I haven't done the Bleep Test for a long, long time - would be good to try it again. I did around level 16 last time but I was considerably smaller! I'm day 3 into a low-carb cycle (under 15g per day) so will probably wait until I start to stabilise!