Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Todays Workout - 3,6,9

3 Pull Ups, 6 Sandbag Push Press, 9 Sandbag High Pulls. As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

Men aim for 40kg/88lb, women aim for 25kg/12kg.

Record your score.

Train hard!


  1. I managed 10 rounds in 9:30 with a 40kg bag - an improvement of :30 on last time

  2. nice going matt,

    I got 9 rounds and had to race the clock to the finish line had about 1 sec left.

    how did that beep test go?

    josh t

  3. Hey Josh, that's exactly what happened to me the last time I did it - one second left on the clock. I've only just gotten hold of the "test" app so planning to give it a go this week. I've been so busy with work and launching a new business that I've literally been doing 5-10 minute workouts at a moments notice.