Saturday, 3 December 2011

Todays Workout - Death By Thrusters and Pull Ups

With a running clock complete 1 Sandbag Thruster and 1 Pull Up in the 1st minute, 2 of each in the 2nd minute and so on....

Keep going until you can no longer complete the required number of repetitions in each minute.

Record your score.

Train hard!


  1. I got to round 16 with a 40kg sandbag

  2. I'll give this one a shot today. I just got my BF sandbag so I'm looking forward to getting it dirty. It's definitely a LOT better quality than the muscle driver bag I've got

    I also think I'll do the pull ups as C2B. For as long as I can anyway.

  3. Hi Bryan, glad your got your Brute Force bag - you'll have fun with it I'm sure! Full chest 2 bar will suck but best of luck to you! Let me know how you get on

  4. Confession - my legs were too smoked from doing 200 push ups and 300 bws on Sunday. I'm trying to get my Murph score down.

    I'll tackle it soon though.

    I did this instead
    death by.....
    c2b's (trying to improve muscle ups)
    sb back squats
    scored 9 rds

  5. Ugh, "death by" is always a challenge - i might give that a go myself!