Wednesday, 13 July 2011

10 Tonnes of Fun - Courtesy of Josh T

Josh T, one of our followers from Australia, seems to delight in recommending some pretty tough workouts for us to do. Here's the most recent one:

Lift a combined total of 30,000 kg using Pull Ups (your weight), Sandbag Back Squats and Sandbag High Pulls. Any weight allowed in the sandbag and you can break up the sets and exercises however you wish. But, you must lift a total of 10,000 kg for each exercise.

Something like this would be good:

5 Pull Ups,
10 50kg Sandbag Back Squats,
10 50kg Sandbag High Pulls.

Repeat for 20 rounds (or so).

Record your time.

Train hard!


  1. awesome time Matt. What break up did you use?

    I will give this one a crack shortly.

    josh t

  2. Hey Josh, I broke it up into 5, 10, 10 - did it with kipping pull ups though...will have to try it with strict. I am sore today though!

  3. hey Matt did it yesterday morning,

    time 50:57 a little on the slow side.

    I did 20, 10, 5 with a 40kg bag for 12 sets
    then 10,5 with 40kg bag for the last 13 sets with a few pull ups to finish. Just got out of bed and am saw from the squats and the embarrassment of doing it in nearly twice your time.

    josh t

  4. Hey Josh, well done for getting through it! I think if I'd gone out with sets of 20 squats it would have slowed me up so I kept it fresh with regular exercise changes. I'm still sore though...