Monday, 11 July 2011

Todays Workout - Minute By Minute

As many repetitions in 1 minute of each of the following exercises: Squats, Sandbag Push Press, Sit Ups, Sandbag High Pulls. No rest between each exercise, rest 1 minute between each round and repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

Record your total reps for each round.

Train hard!


  1. Round 1: 147
    Round 2: 146
    Round 3: 135

    All with a 40kg bag

  2. Hey Matt

    this looks like a good one. I will give it a shot shortly. Just thought you might like to know I just blew my PR out of the water on the last workout I sent you.

    21 x Chin up
    40kg sandbag burpees
    15 x
    9 x

    16:47. Had a lie down after and hands are still shaking

    got another one for you. It has been slightly adapted for sandbag use but it should be fun anyway. I have been doing it every now and then for about 5 years, always changing it a little though.


    3 exercises (BACK SQUAT, HIGH PULL, PULL UPS) any weight and rep combo. No order. The workout is for time but you must lift/pull/push 10,000kg in each exercise before you have finished.

    so maybe you will choose to do 200 x 50kg back squats mixed with 250 x 40k high pulls and lots of pull ups.

    the amount of pull ups is 10,000kg divided by you body weight in kg. so if I am 90kg (about right) I have to do 111 pull ups.

    looking at the above I may opt to go with
    10 x 50kg back squats
    10 x 40kg high pulls
    5 x pull ups

    20 time through and finish the remaining high pulls and pull ups. Or whatever.

    THIS WILL TAKE EVEN MATT A WHILE. I think under 40mins is a good time.

    The thing I love about it is the stages of intimidation. First you think 10,000kg thats crazy. Then you look at the rep weight break up and think... hey I can crack this nut it wont be that hard. Then you do it and realise...

    josh t

  3. Great work on beating your PR for the other workout! I'll give this 10 tonne challenge a go towards the end of the week, Matt