Monday, 27 February 2012

1000 Push Ups For Charity

I'll be completing 1000 Push Ups for Charity on the 15th March and I'd love your support. Anything you can donate will be gratefully received and all proceeds will go to The Starlight Children's Foundation, which helps seriously and terminally ill children.

The challenge is being run by Your PT and the aim is to complete 20 push ups every 12 minutes over the course of 10 hours. I'm a busy man so I'm going to try and get it done in 1 hour instead. 

I'd really appreciate the support so please consider giving something, not matter how small it is:

I'll be filming the whole, painful experience for your viewing pleasure!


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  1. Visit my website and you can use the push-up workout program for free. Select Push Up King > Easy = 20 push-ups x 50 sets = 1000 push-ups.