Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Free 68 Page Sandbag Fitness Manual Is Ready!

Just click on the link on this page:

Or use the subscription box on the right.

The manual is packed full of information, detailed exercise descriptions, what equipment you need and an 8 week training programme.

I hope you enjoy it.



  1. No worries! Hope you enjoy the book, Matt

  2. Very cool, I'm currently doing a 4 week kettlebell program but after that I think I'll make myself a 40-50Kg sandbag for some training. (I also have a range of sandbags from 8-20kg)

  3. That's great! Let me know how you get on

  4. Hey Matt...great book...will begin the 8-week program shortly. I could care less as the manual is for free (thank you by the way!) but just so you are aware if you weren't already, all the pics for the different grip styles are the same shows 3 different grip styles just repeated over and over with different captions. Just thought I would let you know in case you weren't aware. Love it! Thanks again!

  5. Hi Keith, thanks for the kind words. The pictures on that page were messed up when I converted the file to PDF - I will sort it soon. All the best, Matt